Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hello Blog World

Did you miss us? I'm pretty sure Fall came and went with us not even realizing it and if we aren't careful, winter will do the same. We got our Christmas tree last Monday and it's been in our living room WITH NOTHING ON IT until today---today the lights went on--but still no ornaments. We hope to have those on by Christmas! :) We have a really funny story to tell about the Christmas tree--but you will have to wait for that one when there are pictures to document the final product!

Now, how are you? We've missed being able to update the blog regularly, so here's just some random things to quickly catch us up...

*I finally made a slide show documenting my 30th birthday...that'll be on the bottom of the blog.
*Dreamer's Conference was absolutely amazing. To see the pictures from this incredible event the Lord used in our lives, click here. Daniel is incredibly talented and he captured some amazing moments for us!
*We traveled to Perry for Thanksgiving. Fun was had by all. As you can see.....

But we did have a great visit and the McParents took ALL of us to see Blindside! An INCREDIBLE movie--everyone must go see!
*My friend Sam from Maine came to visit for a week---very, very exciting. Will share those pictures once I upload them.
*Baby Aniston Elise is quickly on her way--just 6 more weeks and Robert and I will officially be an Aunt and Uncle for the very first time!!! Jocelyn is doing well and I just returned from Savannah after a weekend of showering the Mom and Grandma to be's! :) Those pictures will come soon as well, I promise.

Yes, I feel this blog is very random, but wanted you to know we are alive! Thank you for sharing life with us!

Now for the slide show to document that birthday that I SURVIVED!!! Thank you to all who made it so very special! It went down in history as one of my absolute favorite birthdays. Thank you to all of you!!! Good night my friends. Hope to catch up with you again soon!

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