Monday, December 28, 2009

An Incredible Grandma She Will Be

The first weekend in December I travelled towards the coast to celebrate the soon coming of my niece, Aniston Elise. First event of the weekend was a "Surprise Grandma Shower" for my mom. There aren't words to describe how great of a grandma I believe she's going to make. Aniston just doesn't know what's waiting on her here in this world!

Look, she's already practicing:

It was great spending time with the family and friends that were an intricate part in my upbringing and I know will be in Aniston's life as well:

Up next, all the things a Grandma will need :)

The big surprise--her own pack 'n play...

Munchkin got a few gifts too...Thank you Ms. Annette for this beautiful morning that we all got to spend together. Such sweet memories were made and a fun time was had by all!

Up next we'll blog about Munchkin's shower. Can you tell I'm catching up on my blogging! :) Hello vacation!

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