Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Year of Many Blessings to Come

Happy Birthday My Munchkin! 27 years ago you graced us with your presence! For a recap of how much you mean to me, we can revisit your birthday blog from last year! Because for this year, I want to do a little something different...and that is talk about what this new year holds for you.

This year holds something different and it's that in you will become a mother. I can hardly believe my little munchkin is old enough to be a mom, but here it is, any day now and I want you to know how proud I am of you! I know without a doubt that you are going to make an incredible mother. God has prepared you for this moment and you are going to do well. You've carried her well. You've taken very good care of her already and we are ready for her healthy debut!

God's word says that children are a reward from Him (Psalm 127) and that is what Baby Aniston is! How exciting! May we all ponder on that for a moment!

In closing, I'd like to pray blessings over you, my sweet sister...

Sweet, sweet Jesus, on this special day, the day of my sister's birth, I ask that you would shower her with your blessings. That she would feel you in a tangible way and she would know how much she is loved by us, but more importantly by You. We thank you for what this year holds for her and Brett. We thank you that you have chosen to bless them with this child and we thank you for Aniston. Lord Jesus, may this year for my sister be a year that she never forgets--the one you called her into motherhood. Your Word says you'll give her everything that she needs and I pray you will remind her of that when it's not always easy. I pray blessings over this family Lord. That abundant blessings from Heaven would flow. It's in the powerful name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

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