Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Robert and I have gotten quite crafty here lately. Our Christmas presents to our families were handmade and I have been trying to learn how to use one of his birthday presents to me--which was a sewing machine! My sweet husband has issued me a challenge and one I hope to share with you soon, but now is not the time. :)

For now, I wanted to share one of our most recent finds....while we've gotten crafty...we've also gotten thrifty. My husband is so dear and sweet to me. Not only on a Friday morning here recently did he get up really early with me (5:45 early--that's way early for us) and drive to the other side of Cobb County to speak with me at a high school...he didn't object afterwards when I saw a thrift store and wanted to stop (remind you, it's now 8am). Not only did he turn the car around, he had his eyes open and he is the one that spotted this beautiful find. It cost us a total of $2.48...and he even did the hanging for me. He is a gem. And it adds beauty to our prayer room, don't you think?

What have you been up to lately? Where have you found your inspiration? Has it been behind a sewing machine? In a good book? In a thrift store? At a garage sale?

Enjoy the Presence of the Lord today my friends--for He is where our True Inspiration comes from.

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