Friday, February 19, 2010

A Snowy Friday-Good For the Heart

You have no idea how much you need a snow day...until one arrives. Thank you Jesus for a beautiful day where our hearts were able to sit still and rest....

And then put on our ski clothes and let the kid that lives inside of us come out to play:

On our walk we stopped to take a picture of ourselves...should have realized where we stopped. Now we have this awkward picture--that's in front of NOT our house....

Some pretty pics:

This IS our home:

Maddie's introduction to the snow:

Of course we had to play:

And this is where I thought Robert went inside..well he did, but unbeknownst to me, he kept taking pictures...

This is where I figured out I was being watched...and not only watched...but photographed...
One more pretty picture--tree in our neighbors backyard that hangs over into ours:

Then our neighbor came out and she took some family pics for us:

We spent the rest of our evening inside sipping hot chocolate, curled up in front of the fire, and watching the opening ceremonies of the 2010 winter Olympics. Robert and I love watching the Olympics together and I was sad he was going to have to work that evening...well, work closed for him, so he got to stay home and we got to have a beautiful day of quality time (my number one love language!). I was so grateful for this day. It came just at the perfect time. Thank you Jesus.

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