Friday, February 19, 2010

V-day 2010

I got called out this Valentines Day...just going to be honest with you....and it was for good reason.

When it comes to Valentines Day--I have a few things I always say--"Do not, under any circumstances buy me flowers." and the other... "I do not want to go out to eat with all the crowds."

So when my husband convinced me on Saturday to go out to eat on Valentines Weekend--I was opposed to the idea, but then let him talk me into it. As we sat at a late lunch, I said, "this is nice." Then he called me out and repeated those things I quoted above--and I responded, "am I really that negative towards Valentines Day?"

And apparently I am....and never realized it. So here is my public apology--but I still don't want flowers on Valentines Day when you can get them for a quarter of the price on a rainy day to surprise me! :)

We (at least I was--because remember from the last post, quality time is my love language) were still relishing on the GREAT snow day we had the day before--and we had to stay in the first part of Saturday because of the road hazard warnings, but we got out later that afternoon for a great time!

We did Valentines Day on Saturday because well Sundays are really long days for me and not much Robert & Kristin here are a few pics from V-Day 2010:

Robert with his present from me. Just realized I didn't get a picture of the actual present--I'll have to go do that (and he doesn't exactly look like he liked his present here....he swears he does...):

Someone didn't obey the $15 present rule....but I was so excited and so surprised. I've had a slight obsession with Julia Child since the movie Julie & Julia came out. Roberts present to me... I've been longing for this book, but wouldn't dare spend the money for it. Such a special surprise:

Maddie just absolutely thrilled---she didn't get a Valentines Day present. Think she knows it?

Our afternoon treat. Thanks McLendon Mom & Dad (also known as McMom & McDad) for the gift card!

And then Sunday morning, we had a beautiful gift show up on our driveway--6 months of the Sunday AJC came from my mom & dad in honor of Valentines Day! Thanks mom & dad!! That's a lot of coupons!!!! So exciting!!!

It was a great, great weekend! And I hereby promise from here on out to not be so negative towards Valentines Day. I absolutely loved our weekend together! How was your Valentines 2010?

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