Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What have the McLendon's been up to? Part One

Well, once again, we've been on somewhat of a blog hiatus--not on purpose--it just kinda happened. It did not help that we lost the charger and the card reader to our camera--so we had pictures, but no way to share them with you. Both were found when we finally asked Jesus to show us where they were. Why we didn't do that sooner...anyway.....Our apologies! There are lots of Whereabouts to tell of the McLendon's so, I'm gonna try to do a quick recap here without completely boring you!

  • We were blessed with a night out with 2 of the most amazing women the Lord has placed in my life, Julie & Heidi. They came out to the ATL and treated us out to a night on the town. We started out with a Chris Tomlin & Louie Giglio concert. It brought back memories of my first Christmas as a believer and lighting a candle while Louie spoke. Such a sweet night and remembering those first days! After the concert we got to have meet and greet with Chris & Louie (we're on a first name basis now!!) thanks to Julie's son, Jonathan who works for Passion. Then we headed over to Atlantic Station and shared a delicious meal at the California Pizza Kitchen--where we had the opportunity to share Jesus with our waitress. I love it when the Lord works like that!
Us with Louie:

Us with Chris:
The girls:
Julie with her oldest, Jonathan:

Me with Matt Floyd, I have a story about Matt, that one day I might just need to tell on the blog, but to make a very long story short--Matt was a Senior my first year as Youth Minister at RHUMC and I contribute the fact that I survived my first year in ministry, and that I'm still in ministry, to Matt. Thank you Matt. It was a great surprise running into you this night!

  • We survived RiverStone Student Ministry Christmas Party 2009---barely. This is how my husband decided to make his grand appearance:
And have I ever mentioned I have the most amazing leaders....

Here's middle school leaders cooking their kids special order pancakes and waffles:

And my high school leaders later that evening:

And Cory and I. In case you are wondering...My sweatshirt says, "Merry Kissmoose" and Cory's hat sways back and forth--and jingles--which can be a distraction when you're trying to pray over the microphone and the microphone keeps picking up the jingle.... :)

  • Robert & I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on December 15th! No big trips this year (like last year), but thanks to Mom & Dad we had a very nice night out. We started at Lenox mall and walked around with the rich and famous, but managed to leave without spending a penny. We then went across the street to a favorite restaurant of ours that will remain in the "only for special occasion" category thanks to the price. We had such a nice time at Dante's Down the Hatch--and even asked Dante if he'd take our picture. We later wondered if he was offended we didn't ask him to be in the picture. Oops.
**One thing unique about our wedding--we were stressing about a Christmas tree that got left after a dance recital in the place where we were having the reception. I had no idea what was decided about it till I showed up at our reception and saw that the guests had been directed to put our wedding presents under the Christmas tree--it ended up being one my favorite things! Robert and I now continue that tradition and put our anniversary presents under the tree--and for a few weeks, the one from my parents was the ONLY present under our tree (there's is the big one...the two silver ones were added the morning of our anniversary and lasted there long enough for the picture)!
Present from my parents--so grateful for this beautiful chest! Finally have a place to put my nice flatware that we received for our wedding and haven't had a nice place to store it...they've stayed in the boxes they came in (well, we've used them, but just put them back in the boxes that they came in once we were done using them)!
Robert and I gave each other $20 to buy presents--I found a great deal on a Columbia vest as seen in the picture below:
And Robert got me a couple of pairs of fuzzy socks and a scarf--yes, feeding both addictions of mine:
Robert was playing with our camera as we sat in our own little personal cabin on the "ship", but I thought it was a cool picture!
Our 2nd anniversary picture thanks to Dante:
  • Two days later our Amelia came to visit for Christmas and well, we wanted to recreate fondue at home....

Maddie was throughly entertained as always:

Okay, well that brings us up to Christmas....so I'll stop here for now and save that for another blog. Thanks for enjoying life with us!!!

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