Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What have the McLendon's been up to? Part Two.

Here are a few pics of our Christmas Eve together (yes, I'm blogging about Christmas in February--that's just how I roll)! My camera battery actually died Christmas day--but we kept praying it would be resurrected and it would come back for a picture of two when needed :) Jesus is so good to us isn't He? He obviously cares about the big things--but desires to be a part of the little things too!

Christmas Eve was spent in Kennesaw/Marietta:
Here's our morning together:
Abigail's stocking:
Maddie's Stocking:

Maddie saying hello:

Our mantel and stockings for our little family of 4:

Under our Christmas Tree right before we opened all the presents--we started a new tradition this year of us having our own Christmas together on Christmas Eve morning, since we were driving to Savannah that night.

The tree on Christmas Eve:

Maddie helping to unwrap presents:

Giving Abigail her stocking:

Maddie undoing her own stocking:

And you can't see it....but insert here.....about 8 hours of baking for my family.....2 RiverStone Church services, loading the car--which included the cat and dog in the pouring down rain--really, really bad weather, a 4.5 hour car ride.....

And you have these pictures, at midnight on Christmas Eve in Richmond Hill...

The Smith Family tradition of having new pj's to sleep in on Christmas Eve continues!

And Abigail in the corner, not happy we didn't leave her at home by herself to enjoy the peace and quiet....

There you have it....Christmas Eve. Isn't this fun blogging Christmas in February. Makes you want to start singing Christmas carols again now doesn't it? :)

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