Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Snowy Friday Picnic

The Friday before our Spring Break Vacation, Robert and I decided to bundle up and take Maddie out for a picnic...we even drove up the mountain where there was still snow!! Here's a few pics from that fun day together...

Maddie likes potato chips...after her visit to the vet on Friday, we're gonna have to say no potato chips pup pup.
Maddie and I had visited this field before with her friend Lexi, but we've been longing for the day we were able to bring Robert.

Maddie loves picnics!
This is the definition of STUBBORN!

Here we go, now we're being a good girl...

Robert and his nifty photography skills:

Snow on the top of Kennesaw Mountain:

View of Atlanta from the top of the mountain:

More snow:

Robert, snow and the city:
While sitting on the side of Kennesaw Mountain together, we took a few pics of Little Kennesaw Mountain that sits next to it:

That's all! We love our Fridays we get to spend together. They're like a precious gift from the Lord each week.

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