Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sometimes you just need...

A siesta...
And even if that means a siesta away from the ole blog.

Sorry folks! 

Hope to be in full blogging mode again soon.

For now,  just wanted you to know we're alive.  We're out here....doing well....
In the past few weeks, we've (most of these are an I-meaning Kristin, but we'll leave it with "we've" and let you use your imagination)...
watched our youth get married, 
had little Aniston come stay with us for a few days
(with her mema and mom of course!)
we've officially kicked off Summer Camp 2010
we've seen Beth Moore in person for the first time
we've been getting really crafty with trying to teach ourselves how to sew on the sewing machine
we've been doing all kinds of fabulous things to raise money for Scotland...
(did you know I was going to Scotland? More on that soon, I promise)
took a shovel to our front yard
daydreaming of what could happen to our backyard if we had a lot of money
Finished two books and have started two more
(make that three-Robert finished a book too!)
Had our 2nd Senior Banquet at the Stone--have we really already been here almost 2 years?
Coming to a realization that my first class of 6th graders are graduating high school-I've been in denial since the Fall

I'm sure I'll come up with plenty more once I hit publish, but that's all I've got for now!
Have a good night my friends!

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a cup bearer said...

I love the picture! Maddie is almost as big as you now, too.