Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Amelia!

Remember our blessing that came to live with us last summer?  Well her and Robert share a birthday and that special day is

Our Dearest Amelia,

We love you so much and are grateful to the Lord that He has allowed us to be a part of your life! You are so beautiful and beautifully made. We love everything about you and are encouraged by you and your walk with the Lord. You challenge us to go harder after His heartbeat. Thank you for being the person we need in our lives!

We believe in you and all that the Lord has planned for you.

Come home soon!

Love, Uncle Bert & Kristin

Now, my friends....go on over to Amelia's blog and tell her Happy Birthday!

1 comment:

Amelia said...

So i never commented on this. I think I did on facebook.... but blog comments are so much better!
Thank you for the Happy Birthday blog :)
and just thank you in general... i could add a million prepositional phrases to this to be specific... but I'll leave it at an all encompassing Thank you!
OH. This picture of us is HILARIOUS. i don't even know where those boots came from. I'm certain I do not own them. strange things happen at camp:)
Love you my friend!

Sorry bert, I always direct my comments towards kristin... because I feel like she's the main voice of the blog. in case you check this out too... THANK YOU! hope your birthday was Dandy. See you Soon!