Sunday, September 26, 2010

15 weeks

We're 15 weeks already!  We are eagerly anticipating the day that we get to feel little hoot move!  According to all the books we read, little hoot is moving around like crazy-hopefully just a few more weeks till we can feel him/her!

Mom and Dad came up for the weekend and we had a great time!  Mom and I went to Lenox mall where she took me for my first maternity shopping experience.  It was quite a day and did you know they actually make PETITE extra small/small jeans.  I was one happy girl upon this discovery.  That's been my biggest worry when it comes to clothes, because I have such a hard time finding jeans that fit with out a baby in my belly!

While we were out shopping...Robert and Dad were out playing golf.  Robert was very happy for the opportunity to break in his new golf clubs that Mom & Dad gave him last month!  

At the end of the day we reunited and went to Babies-R-Us.  You can see above how much Robert and Dad enjoyed their time there.  They really enjoyed trying out ALL the gliders.  Robert's determined to find the best one!

Saturday was spent at our most recent favorite restaurant.  We frequent the midtown location, but when we got there, they were closed due to an exhaust malfunction.  We took their advice and went to there nearest location....which happened to be on....

Yes, that's McLendon Avenue.  Spelled the same way and everything!  We had to wait forever for a table, but well worth the wait (and it gave us an opportunity to explore a new area of town!  So cute and quaint!)

Before the weekend with Mom and Dad was over, I finally finished an order for a special friend back home.

Now that we're into the second trimester and the energy has finally returned I hope to have Etsy back up really, really soon!

Thanks Mom and Dad for such a great weekend!  We enjoyed having you!  Looking forward to seeing you again soon!


Lisa Gentry said...

I love that you're starting a little business :) Thanks for the website BTW, it is awesome!

TheBrookshires said...

So cute! I found that with the exception of maternity pants...I got away with wearing dresses and tops that were just a size larger than what I normally would wear. I found a lot of cheap stuff at Old Navy and Target. It is hard finding cute maternity stuff when you are small!