Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Very Important Factor to Our Story of Little Hoot

**I've now added this into the original story--but wanted to leave this up due to the comments! :)

**If you haven't read part one yet, pause and go do so by clicking here!

I left out a very important part of the story...and I can't believe I did!  It's so important...I have to write another post to put it in.....

Following the week of hearing the owl outside our prayer room window, I was at youth group.  Side this point no one knew we were pursuing trying to have a family in the near future....A lady in our church was there to share with the youth and she started praying for me.  After she prayed she looked straight at me and said, "I just see you in full time ministry, wholeheartedly running after the Lord with a baby on your hip."

Yes, the Lord is so good, kind, sweet and patient with me!


April said...

God is soo amazing....and funny...and awesome. I love this!

Kurt Miller said...

Now thats an exciting story! Yall are awesome.

Amelia said...

oh my friend(s),
I'm so excited for you. I'm tearing up thinking about you're future life... you are amazing parents. I love you!