Friday, October 8, 2010

16 weeks...

So, we made it to 16 weeks before we failed to get a tummy picture.  Not because we forgot, there was just never the opportunity.

Sundays are the day that we take the pictures (even though Saturdays are the days that we turn the page on a new week).  Let's face it...I choose Sundays because it is on most occasions the only day of the week I put a slight bit more effort into what I look like. (and that's a confession).

So, this week...we were out of town at Fall Retreat and well, I could have gotten a picture of me that hadn't slept in a few days, hadn't taken a shower yet that day, and a frumpy instead of a tummy picture, you'll get this one...shot from our balcony of where we stayed all weekend:

Then well....we'll call these our tummy pictures for this week...can you see it hiding under that fabulous bright purple wind suit?

And well because one picture of our fabulous 80's youth night at Sparkles this week isn't enough...I'll let you have these too....

-My husband does not normally have a creepy mustache.  He shaved his beard for this special occasion.
-I was not able to skate, therefore where people are normally 2 feet taller than me, they are 4 feet taller than me in these pictures.
-We had to specially purchase our attire for the evening--thank you Value Village for a last minute great find (meaning I did not have this in my closet--but I will now for future occasions!)

On a more serious 16 week note--things are going good.  We had an appointment this week and things are looking great.  I escaped morning sickness with this pregnancy---but not the runny nose/head swimming/sore throat/ears stopped up/sneezing.  Now that has not been fun this week!  And as most of you know, we are NOT finding out the sex of Little Hoot.  I love what better of a surprise!  The funny thing now is...if you follow the old wives tale of determining the sex of the baby by the heartbeat, Little Hoot has been a girl up until this week....this week it's as the old wives tale would tell us, a boy.  Ha!  Little Hoot already has a sense of humor (just like his/her daddy -now that's scary isn't it!)  **Doc says it's perfectly normal for the heartbeat to slow down around this stage in our pregnancy.

That's all for this week.  17 weeks is what we'll be tomorrow and we'll attempt another picture!

We're in Perry this weekend celebrating Robert's grandfather's 80th birthday, and a wedding shower for two of Robert's dear friends.  Are you celebrating anything special this weekend?  Have a great weekend my friends!

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