Saturday, October 23, 2010

A beautiful gift

My parents graciously bought our crib and dresser.  We did some shopping around and finally found a great deal on this hardwood crib and dresser.  We got such a great deal, we even have some money left over (for maybe a crib mattress or maybe these).

Thank you mom and dad for such a beautiful place for our little one.

At the store, making our final decision (and not our bedding--just the display model of our crib):

I was absolutely no help.  Grateful for our Katie and Jordan that helped with this project upon getting it home:

Taking over our living room:

Here comes the crib:

And the dresser:

 Aren't they pretty?  We already have some little socks, onesies, bibs and blankets inside the dresser!  In January we'll move them from our room into what is currently Katie's room (whose growing up on us and getting married!) which will become Litlle Hoot's room.

Thanks again Mom & Dad!!!!

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Christina said...

Definitely get the BumGenius! We love cloth with Suzanna!