Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Blog...or Not to Blog

That is the question of the hour--and one I'm going to ponder over the weekend--and I want your input!

As some of you might remember from a couple of years back I took on the challenge of November--Blogging everyday for a month (otherwise known as NaBloPoMo.)

I took last year off from it and am now pondering whether I should do it this year.

I have thought about the fact that here lately our blog has turned into a baby blog---and it makes me want to apologize--but then I think about the fact that none of our immediate family lives here---and it is our way to let them be a part of this incredible baby blog it is.

So, all that to say...if I'm challenged to blog every day for a month--it might make me blog about something more than Little Hoot.

What do you think?

Who's with me?  Anyone want to join the challenge???

1 comment:

April said...

Sounds awesome!! If November wasn't going to be such a crazy month for me, I would totally take the challenge, too...but with my sister's wedding festivities and all the things at the church...and traveling from MD to GA a few times...I can't do it! But I will LOVE reading about YOU! Good luck!!