Saturday, November 13, 2010

Birthday Highlights

Almost a month later I thought I'd share some birthday highlight photos!

As birthdays go in this family--they are a month long.  Robert was excited to see November 1st!

As mentioned earlier, my birthday month started with a date with the hubs at Dave Ramsey Live.

Up next was continuing the tradition of going to the Apple Festival in Elijay.  The day was perfect as it started with hubby making breakfast and bringing it to me in bed!

Then it was heading north to Elijay

We then went over to the downtown area of Elijay...found the perfect little bbq spot with a table on the front porch and we had a music festival across the street to watch while dining.  

The day was a perfect day of quality time together!!

The actual day of my 31st was great!  It started with a present and card waiting on me for breakfast from our lovely Katie.  Then it was off to the office where an American Express gift card from Cory was waiting on my desk for me...then it was off to lunch with Robert and Cory to my favorite--Shoguns!  Somehow I did not get a picture of this--so sad!

Then it was home to a party box that was waiting on me....

I had been explaining to Robert that growing up Mom always had a theme for our birthdays each year and when we woke up and walked through the streamers that decorated our bedroom door---and made it to the kitchen---it was always decorated in whatever theme mom had chosen for that year (and it usually lined lined up with what was going on in our lives).

And wouldn't you know it--my box had a theme and everything matched!

It had everything you needed to decorate as if I was back in mom and dad's house and the kitchen was decorated.

The box was filled with take out boxes that matched the theme and they were filled with lots and lots and lots of gift cards!!!

It took so long to unwrap all the goodies...Maddie decided to take a nap....

Then came presents from the hubs---Charming Charlie's gift card, necklace, earrings, a hat and a new Bible with my new (yes, it's been three years--but this is the first thing I've gotten with my "new" name on it)!  He's too good to me!

The crown from mom, hat and necklace from the hubs...

My birthday table with all my gift cards, presents and cards!  Thank you to everyone that sent me love!

Then it was on to dinner just the two of P.F. Changs!  Yum-O!  We had lots of discussions that had things in them like "this time next year" and "highchair."

Then it was home to have cake!

Here come's Robert with the yummy Cold Stone cake!

It was perfect!  My name was even spelled right!

Here's all the love that continued to pour in over the next few days....I love mail and it was a great week to check the mail!

Thanks for sharing life with us....and celebrating the documenting of my 31st! :)

**This is Day 13 of NaBloPoMo**

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