Friday, November 26, 2010

Family Traditions.

I was so incredibly grateful to pull into my parents home yesterday to discover it was still decorated for Thanksgiving.  Not that I ever doubted my mom would have it any other way, but it was still really good to see...

Maddie was happy to see the sunroom all decked out for Thanksgiving too :)

A great evening was had with family that we don't see often enough....

From turkey, to pie, to was had by all

We went to bed with thankful hearts and full of turkey....and woke up with Thanksgiving being put away and eating breakfast on Christmas plates.

Once the french toast and ham rolls were consumed we headed out for the Smith Family tradition.  The McLendon's in the bunch did not buy a tree (giving in again to my husband and Pike's nursery--next week) but we did love being a part of the Smiths/Eures getting theirs....and Aniston's first tree!!!

Please look at Aniston---whistling is her newest thing and oh so cute!

Dad's in there somewhere....can you find him?

We barely made it in before all the rain (well the boys still got drenched, but the girls made it to cover!)  With the trees in the truck we headed back home to have turkey sandwiches and watch this little one take a walk (not quite on her own just yet!)

Maddie LOVES Aniston!

She's getting so big!!!!

The afternoon was spent having a nap during the first half of the Auburn/Alabama game then enjoyed the second half.  Have to confess I was saying War Eagle (we'll do anything to see an SEC team in the National Championship.)

The tree is now in the home and waiting for it to dry all the way out so we can get it all pretty and decorated.  So excited about getting that done.  Before we left on Thursday I finished up my Full of Christmas Joy headbands.  I can't wait to get the tree decorated so we can take a photo shoot of these new pretties!!!

And how bout seeing this today!  Our first ever being featured on etsy:

Click here for direct link and even better--the world SOLD was next to it!!  I love being on etsy.  It's so much fun!  Thank you for shopping the Black Friday Sale!

Theres still a few hours left of the sale---all items are 15% off.  Click here for direct link to the sale!  The sale ends at midnight!

Praying each of you have had a restful day and are enjoying this weekend with loved ones!

**This is Day 26 of NaBloPoMo**

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