Monday, November 22, 2010

Hello Random Monday

I feel like today I did so many different things---I'm starting to wonder if I got anything accomplished....

but here's the recap:

We started the day taking pup pup to the "spa."  This is a birthday tradition for her, but we held off for a week so that she'd be all nice and sparkly clean for Thanksgiving.

After dropping her off, hubs and I headed to IHOP courtesy of mom's birthday box of gift cards.  After a weekend of not seeing my husband it was nice to sit still for a few moments and reconnect over a yummy breakfast.

Hubs went to work, I ran a few errands, then went to pick up pup pup.  I felt guilty taking her home and locking her up after her morning at the she came to work with me.

Such a pretty girl!

Maddie enjoyed her "go to work with mommy day".  

Home we went to package up our second international etsy order!  I was so excited to send a Kristin's Kreation to Greece!  

Then home again to start our Christmas Collection for the those started, then took a break to load the 4 new headbands that I made yesterday! Here's a sneak peek:

 Click here for a direct link to see all the new goodies!

Then it was to cooking dinner (which is getting hard, because I'm refusing to go to the grocery store since we are about to be gone!), but at last, hubs came home from work, we ate dinner...then settled into an evening together.  We watched a movie together and well I continued to work on our Christmas Collection!  So excited about it coming together!

Hubs just left to go back to work for a little bit and I'm trying to wrap up the things that I started and still go to bed at a decent hour!

Good night!

**This is Day 22 of NaBloPoMo**

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