Sunday, November 21, 2010

I've got nothing....

Are you surprised it took me to day 21 to finally write a post entitled "I've got nothing"?  I'm actually surprised I made it this long!  I have two different posts whirling around in my head that will hopefully come out in the next couple of days and this will be the only post that you get like this.  :)

It's been a great weekend with family, friends and a great day with the youth.  I love hearing stories of how Jesus has radically changed lives.  He is so, so good!

Now on to Thanksgiving week....what are your plans?  Traveling anywhere fun?  This year, it's off to the SAV/RH for Thanksgiving and we are grateful to actually have more than 24 hours in town which hasn't happened since June.  Quality time--my love language I tell ya.

Before we leave for Thanksgiving I hope to get a lot more things in the shop.  I made 4 new headbands today that I'm excited about taking pictures of tomorrow and getting in the shop.  All 4 are made with button centers.  Thank you Mimi!

And that's enough rambling for tonight.  See you tomorrow.  With hopefully more than a "I've got nothing" post :)

**This is Day 21 of NaBloPoMo**

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