Thursday, November 4, 2010

Latest Photo Shoot

As are Little Hoot's latest photo's!  We were 20 weeks and 4 days when these were taken!

Little Hoot had his/her legs straight over its head!
 We've been praying for a sweet, sleeps well, calm natured baby....

Little Hoot slept through this whole photo shoot....
 (sorry a little crooked)

God is answering our prayers!

And mom came up for the appointment...and brought Maddie her first birthday present...a new bed!

And well we had to go shopping.  I took her for her first visit to Charming Charlie's :)

Some other doctor appointment highlights....Little Hoot is measuring "normal"  guess that means he/she is an average of Robert and I :).  Heart rate was back to a girl according to the old wives tale.  And all of our tests that we opted to have blood drawn for last visit came back negative.  Huge Praise!

**This is Day 4 of NaBloPoMo**

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ACupBearer said...

LOVE seeing those pictures of Little Hoot!!! Can hardly wait to get my hands on her (or him).