Sunday, November 14, 2010

The most incredible feeling

As you know I haven't been feeling that much movement from Little Hoot.  For awhile I was starting to get anxious about this, but then realized from the moment we found out we were pregnant we have daily asked the Lord for a sweet, calm natured baby that sleeps well.  So I stopped freaking out that I wasn't feeling Little Hoot.  I realized that Jesus is already answering our prayers.  Little Hoot was even sleeping through out all of our 20 week ultrasound.  So sweet already.

Then came time for me to teach on Acts and the Holy Spirit for the month of October.  Oh how I loved diving into the Word as it was a great season for me to reflect on what it is that I actually believe and formulate it into words.  The whole time I kept dwelling on the fact that the Word says the Holy Spirit dwells in me--so if the Holy Spirit dwells in me, that means the Holy Spirit dwells in my womb...which means Little Hoot is hanging out in the presence of the Lord.  Oh, how I've loved meditating on that and asking for increase of the Lord.  Oh that Little Hoot would recognize His presence the moment he/she is outside of the womb because he/she has been in that dwelling place with Him.

Then today happened.  We were at worship at RiverStone and I just started feeling Little Hoot like crazy.  So much so, Robert was able to place his hand on my stomach and feel Little Hoot (which was a first!)  Little Hoot LOVED worship and was responding.  It was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced.  Worship today was so sweet and the fact that our little one responded and it was the first time we have REALLY felt he/she move, oh it was the most incredible feeling.

To sum up worship today, I'd like to share an email that Robert sent his mentor today.  I can't get him to blog--but I can copy his emails--with his permission of course.

So, in the words of Robert, "I know that you and First Love have really intensified in your compassion and heart for the church recently. Since then, our Pastor has scaled worship down to a very intimate level, and today was totally a worship service. All 1000 of us broke into groups, prayed for each other, we corporately took communion, and everyone was anointed with oil. This morning was one of the sweetest moments I have ever had in the presence of the Lord in a church service. Isaiah saw the train of the Lord's robe fill the temple, and his eyes saw the glory of the Lord. The woman with the issue of blood merely touched the hem of Jesus's garment, and was completely restored. I believe the Lord is beginning to pour out His spirit on a large scale because of the prayers, humility, and faith of the workers who are striving for a glimpse of the glory of God."

Little Hoot--we are so in love with you and so is your Beloved Jesus.  We loved worshipping Him with you today!!!!  We can't wait to actually meet you!!!

**This is Day 14 of NaBloPoMo**

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Joy said...

So looking forward to seeing you and little hoot and Robert! Thank you for the example you set!