Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Saturday in the South

 Today was a great day spent in Middle/South Georgia.  Somehow I managed to not get any pictures from the first half of my day---so sad....  But it started with breakfast at Cracker Barrell with my McDad and my McSister.  Then the morning with my McDad before my McMom got home and we went to the Mistletoe Market.  I had big dreams back in June about doing holiday markets, but then I came home from Scotland and was exhausted (and pregnant) so those dreams are going to have to wait till next year!

I also got some new fabric from Mimi and boxes full of buttons to go through that I am very excited about playing with for the shop.

Then onto Marshalville I went to see my hubby and watch a beautiful believing couple make a covenant before Jesus and become one.  So much fun.

I tried to capture this picture, but it didn't come out too well....this is only about half the groomsmen, but it is the group that went to high school together and have been in each other's weddings....

Onto the pretty!

And the grooms cake...can you tell what it is?  I was quite impressed!

 Isn't my hubby handsome?

Robert and his best friend Luke Goddard:

Luke and his beautiful wife Drew:

Us and the beautiful couple!  Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Barfield!

Congrats Kyle and Amanda Barfield!  We are so excited for you and loved being a part of your special day!  We love when Jesus brings two people together to become one.  It's a beautiful thing to watch and we love how He is going to use you for His Kingdom!  We love you!

**This is Day 20 of NaBloPoMo**

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