Saturday, January 29, 2011

A New Year-New Things

Yes, I know we are 29 days into the new year.  I'm allowed grace right?  I've actually been working on this since around Christmas time and it's all finally come together.

As many of you know, we started the McLendon Whereabout blog almost 3 years ago.  I remember like it was yesterday, Robert and I walking around the neighborhood in Richmond Hill and discussing a good blog name.  We'd previously come up with one that had Richmond Hill in the title, then the Lord told us He was moving us, so we held off on that one and decided we needed a blog that would go with us wherever He sent us.

Hence, The McLendon Whereabouts was born.  I've loved being a blogger.  I've loved having an outlet to write.  I've loved being able to share our life with others.  I've loved the opportunity to show God's goodness that is woven into our lives.

Don't worry-The McLendon Whereabouts Blog isn't going anywhere, yet we're just adding a new addition! Since the Whereabout blog was to capture our life together, when Kristin's Kreations was born almost 10 months ago, it has taken up some residence on the Whereabout Blog.  We feel it is time to give Kristin's Kreations it's own space and keep the Whereabout blog for just that-our Whereabouts.  Not to say that Kristin's Kreations won't come visit the Whereabouts every once in awhile, but the goal is to let the Whereabout Blog be about our everyday life that includes our travels, the ins and outs of everyday life, being a Women's Student Pastor, being a Coffee Barista/soon to be Law Student, about to be parents (because you know that's going to produce some hilarious blogs!),  letting the desire to write come out.  Kristin's Kreations blog will let the crafty side of me to come out.

All this to say--come on over, visit the new blog and tell us hello.  I'd love for you to follow both of the blogs and keep up with every aspect of our lives.

The blog isn't all that's new.  What's taken some time is to make everything uniform (per the suggestion of this amazing book).  So as we ween Kristin's Kreations off of the Whereabouts we'll leave you with all the new ways to find us (when I say new, these are new additions for Kristin's Kreations.  The old is not going away, for example you can still follow my original twitter here)!!!

Follow us on Twitter
"Like" us on Facebook
Take a peek on our Flickr
New Email!
New Blog

And of course--

Everything is now under the name Kristin McLendon which hopefully you'll be able to associate with Kristin's Kreations.

We've added new buttons and banners with our logo and love how it's all turned out!

So come on over, follow us, like us and say hello.

Thank you for your continued support of all that these McLendon's do.
We love you!

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