Friday, January 28, 2011

Snowcation 2011

Or Snowpocalypse or Deep Freeze of 2011...whatever you want to call it!  We got snowed in for several days and here are a few pictures to document this week in the south!

My husband in his wisdom had us leave Savannah an hour early.  We got in about 7:30pm and the news stated the next day that at 8:30pm the 911 calls began and people started leaving their cars on I-75.  So grateful for my wise husband!

This is Sunday night in our backyard:

and front yard:

Monday Morning:

 We worked on our nursery on Monday and this is the view from that window:

Maddie wasn't too sure of all of it:

Poor thing.  We watched her take a couple of nose dives throughout the week:

Monday-I don't think either one of got out of our pj's that day, but it was a productive day working on projects!  (Lots of neighborhood kids were out playing in it, but I was too scared of falling, I stayed in!)

Poor Abigail:

Tuesday, we were still snowed in, but we were getting a little bit of cabin fever.  Robert convinced me to walk to Publix with him and I held onto him for dear life:

We got to Publix just in time for them to say sorry, we're closing (it was 4pm) out of desperation we walked to Racetrack.  

Here's Robert with his goods (any guesses?):

Wednesday, Robert dug the truck out of the driveway and we drove to Publix.  They were open, but this is what we found:

I had made a grand grocery list to get everything to make us a big pot of Chicken Tortilla Soup....instead we left with frozen pizza, chips and cookie dough.  Robert was not complaining.

It was an unexpected week at home, which gave us great quality time together and we enjoyed the extra time with our Beloved.  It gave us a head start on the many projects we had waiting on us and we were able to complete them in less than 2 weeks.  I love how the upstairs of our house has turned out!  Our bedroom had become a holding room for everything baby (think crib, dresser, mattress, pack and play, clothes, etc.) and we literally had a walkway from the bed to the bathroom.  Now, everything has a place and our room looks incredible.  We were even able to build Robert's "study nook" he's been wanting in our room.  Here's a sneak peek of a couple of those projects:

Robert's space:

Working on the nursery (that is now finished!):

My new sewing nook my sweet husband built me:

Have to show you one more so you can see the bobbin thingamagig he put on the wall for me.  Love it!

**And I did eventually buy everything for the soup.  And the best part about it, I came home from youth this past Sunday night and my husband had pulled out the recipe, made the soup from scratch and it was simmering on the stove when I came in.  He's too good to me.

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