Monday, February 14, 2011

Little Hoot being loved on!

Here are the pictures I promised you last week of our shower in Savannah.  It was a beautiful morning filled with lots of people I dearly love!  Thank you Julie and Heidi for such a beautiful day.  Thank you to everyone that came to love on us!



Here's for a picture recap:

The beautiful table and YUMMY food!

The Smith girls:
With the hubs:

With the BFF, Heather (and Aniston!)

With my McMom:

McDad was there too!

Blessed beyond words:

Time to head back to the ATL--with a huge chance of rain:

We started referring to this as the "burrito":

Back in the ATL and unloading the burrito:

We have been truly, truly blessed!!!  Little Hoot has no idea how much love is waiting on him/her!

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ACupBearer said...

Wow! What an awesome photographer you had! Did you hire a professional??? :-)