Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nursery Pictures (as promised)!!

Disclaimer:  These pictures were taken right before we loaded everything into the nursery that we received this weekend.  Once we figure out where everything goes, we'll post new pictures of the nursery!

View from the hallway:

The twin bed I'm so glad we decided to put in here--and it fit!

The perfect lamp I've been talking about (which we found at this incredible store!)!  LOVE IT!

Above the dresser:

Dresser/Changing Table:

Love our cute little hamper:

This is on the door for now until I can find a better place for it.  Love me some Glory Haus (really love me some Laura Kirkland!)

The curtain--the one and only thing you've seen up until this point.  Robert hung it before I had a chance to iron it--so that's on the to do list!

Close up of the crib:

The Word hanging over our little one:

Little Hoot lovie all ready and waiting on our Little Hoot:

And one last view...with the light on!


Sara Beth Stout said...

I love the nursery! It is beautiful! I love it and I too love Laura Kirkland!

ellen said...

love the brown and blue! and the stripes! so cute.