Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Showered with Love!

 We are beyond blessed!  Here are the pictures from our RiverStone Youth shower.  It was girls only and it was such a beautiful morning.  So many sweet details that I loved and I loved the fact that they used our youth room to have the shower in!!!

Here's our diaper cake---which I still have in the nursery right now, not wanting to take apart.  I know I will eventually need to....since it's sitting on our changing table!

 The food---lots and lots of food!

The cupcake owl cakes--one blue and one pink!  So cute!

The drinks--with an owl in the middle!

The centerpieces--each table had a variation of baby pictures of both Robert and I (and everything was done in brown and blue--the right shade of blue--to match our nursery!!!).

The gift table---can't wait to one day show these pictures to Little Hoot and explain how loved he/she is!

The special gift that I am going to save for another blog:

Aren't these owls cute?

Close up of the centerpieces:

Me in the big comfy chair they pulled out of the youth conference room. This chair gets me every week at our leader meetings---because I can't touch the ground!  But it sure is comfy!

Time was spent having everyone gather around me, lay hands on Little Hoot and I and pray for us.  I love my RiverStone family and am so grateful for them!

Time to open presents!

Little Hoot's first monogrammed items (and you know I love me some monogram!)

It was such a beautiful morning.  These are the pictures I have from my camera, and I have since received a photo album of more pictures--and more face pictures.  Might see I can get the digital version of those and share them you!!!

Little Hoot is going to be here so soon and I can't wait for him/her to feel how blessed I have felt during this season!

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