Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hospital Love

I'm a little slow getting all of Jude Robert's pictures up on the blog!
So sorry!
I hope you enjoy even though they are a few weeks late!

We have had an outpouring of love on our little 
family and we are truly grateful!

Here are the pictures of our visitors 
while we were in the hospital!

McParents with their first grandchild right after he was born:

Our awesome delivery nurse, Jackie:

Smith grandparents meeting Jude for the first time:

Sometime during the middle of the night:

Still Jude's birthday--but after the grandparents
went to our house to get about 3 hours of sleep:

My Munchkin made it:

Proud Grandma's:

Party favors for the big day:

Jude's Guestbook:

People start arriving for Jude's birthday party:

Aunt Christie (technically my cousin!)

Pastor Tom and my dear Grace Ann.
There aren't words to describe how grateful I am for the 
Tanner family!

Two of my dearest friends,
Katie and Liz.
Katie is a mom I look up to and ask lots of questions of,
Liz is my friend I like to co-teach with in foreign countries
and she's documented some of the McLendon's
biggest life moments with her photography skills!

Hubs brought me this single rose.
I saw the pink and said, but he's a boy.
Hubs said, it's for you, not him.
I then started to cry...

So grateful for our friend Haley...
she prepared me for what was to come with our little man!

Sunday brought on the photo shoot
with Nana:

And Pastor Terry came by:
(Grateful our Pastors came by--Little Jude is going to get to know 
them quite well!)

Love me some Emily-Cathryn!
And the quilt she made him!

My precious Amelia...
what once started as me giving her a ride on Tuesday mornings at 6am 
in Richmond Hill has turned into a lifetime friendship.

Our incredible nurse, Tammy we had all weekend.
Very, very grateful for her and the way
she answered ALL of my questions!

We had a couple of other visitors that we somehow managed to not
get pictures of..so sad!
Our dear friends, the Halletts came by.
We're pretty sure Jude recognizes Cory's voice--
think Jude's ready to plan Middle School Retreat yet?
The Hallett's came by yesterday and we were able to capture some
pictures.  I'll post those once I get them uploaded.

And my dear friend Kelli.  Kelli took some
pictures for us, but somehow we managed to not get any with her.
I'll see her tomorrow and will capture that moment to share!

And one last picture.  Many people have said Jude looks like a Smith.
Many have said he looks like my dad....
And when I saw this picture...
he definitely has the Smith skin tone that somehow skipped me....

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