Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jude Robert, You Are Three Weeks Old

My little man, I can hardly believe
that you are already three weeks old!

This week your Daddy went back to work
and your Grandparents went home,
so it was just me and you...
I like to think we did okay.

I love the quiet time we have together.
I love reading the Word together.
I love how you respond to worship music..

I love how in the mornings we read the Book of
John together and in the evenings (and throughout the night)
we read a combination of Psalms and Song of Songs.

I love how you continue to have the hiccups--
something you had constantly in the womb.

I love when you sneeze--
they come in threes!

I love how this week we finally had
breakthrough when it came to feeding.
We had to go get some more help
at the hospital, but it was so worth it.
You are doing so good
and I am so proud of you!

I love how you let us take your picture today
even though it was during a storm and the
lighting was not at it's best.
(We're going to try to capture some more 
pictures tomorrow--I know you are thrilled!)

Your Smith grandparents came back up this
weekend to get some newborn love.
They sure do love you!

This week you became an "official"
person.  You have a social security number,
health insurance and even a college fund!

Mommy started driving again and we went to visit
Daddy at work (a couple of times!).  
We went and had lunch with our
RiverStone staff. 
We went to the Post Office together.   
We even went to our first
play date at the park!
And when Daddy got off work one evening
our little family of three
 went and had dinner together, 
did a little shopping and strolled
through Barnes and Noble.
You even had your first of I'm sure
many trips to Lowe's
with your Daddy.

You had your first experience with projectile
vomit--I think you were more traumatized than we were.
Your mommy and daddy had their first
experience with being peed on.
If you could laugh, I think you definitely would
have done so.
Speaking of, you are starting to smile
or maybe it's just a little smirk.
You are starting to make a couple of cute little noises 
as well.

During the night you wake up every three hours
on the dot.  As sleepy as your mommy
is,  I'm trying so hard to drink in all this
newborn goodness.

You are the perfect gift from my Father above.
We love you Jude Robert.

**Beautiful handmade "Tree of Life" blanket
by our amazing friend Dawn Pape**

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