Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jude Robert, You Are Two Weeks Old..and Happy Due Date!

Our sweet boy, 
for so many weeks now we have eagerly anticipated today, 
March 19th...
your due date, and here it is...
and we've already had two precious weeks with you.

Week number two was full of quality time,
hugs and kisses from your 
G-Nan and Grandpa Geezer
(your daddy's mommy and daddy)
Not to mention all the friends and family
that have come by to love on you.

With each new day of week number two
you discovered new things...

 you showed us even more cute little
facial expressions...

You're trying harder than ever to keep your
head up

You're growing way, way too fast....
Your arms and legs are oh so long...
we've started calling you our little monkey...
yet secretly hope
 you'll have your daddy's height

You lost what was left of your umbilical cord
 during your second week.
And you celebrated your first holiday,
St. Patrick's Day!

You're gaining weight as you should--
which we thank our precious Jesus for!
You were even back up to your birth weight of
6lbs, 9ozs when we checked in with your
doctor this week

You're still not nursing as you should,
so we still have to finger feed you.
Mom doesn't like it,
but it gives you good bonding time with Daddy.

You have the hiccups all the time...
which does not surprise us because you had them
constantly when Mommy was pregnant with you

You are Mommy's little man
You are Daddy's little buddy
You are our dream come true.

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