Saturday, March 26, 2011

One for the baby book...

Let me just start with saying that Robert and I have survived enjoyed the past three weeks of parenting by laughing...a lot.  It's what I love about my husband--he can make me laugh in any circumstance--and the Lord knew that was exactly what I needed.  And now we're a little family of three and there has been lots and lots of giggles.  At the current moment our little precious bundle of joy is "working on one" and Robert just picked him up off his lap and is currently holding him in the air off his lap.  Hilarious.

We had a day this past week that is one for the books.  Best one yet out of these past three weeks.  One worth recording--I hope you can laugh as hard as we have.

We started the evening off with watching "Life As We Know It".  We found it appropriate to watch this movie at this time in our lives as we're two people having absolutely no idea what we're doing when it comes to parenting.  We laughed our way through this movie.

Then we got everyone ready for bed.  All snuggled in our pj's, fed, diaper changed and swaddled in.  We turned off the light and not 10 seconds later we heard a noise come out of our bundle of joy, but it was the splash of something hitting the side of the pack-n-play that caught our attention.  We both jumped out of bed, quickly turned on the light, to find our little one staring wide eyed, not making a noise as if he wasn't sure what had just happened.  I picked him up to find that he had spit up all over was all over him, his hair was all matted down with throw up, and that splash we heard, yeah, it was projectile.  And Robert and I just started laughing hysterically...we. could. not. stop.

We finally calmed down, got him all cleaned up, changed out the ultimate crib sheet (thank you friends for this suggestion), changed him, swaddled him with all new blankets and we went back to bed.

Fast forward through the night time feedings to the am and we needed a good thorough bath (to get anything we may have missed during the 1am cleanup after the projectile incident).  Up until this point in our parenting our only pee incidents were him peeing on himself.  Well with bath time this am we had our first experience of pee that took aim.  ALL. OVER. ME.  I screamed....then started to laugh--he's a funny little man.  I took this as a warning for future diaper changes.

When daddy got home that evening I told him I could not wait for him to change his diaper--as our little man was now armed and dangerous....

Later that evening I was working on some projects upstairs while daddy and little buddy were having some bonding time downstairs.  Robert came up and said, "I just got peed on."  I said, "I told you..."  He said, "No, I just got peed on" and showed me his lap.  Robert wasn't even changing him and he got peed on---Jude was sitting in his lap when he had a leaky diaper incident and Robert was soaked.  All I could do was laugh.  Little man got handed off to me to clean up and change while Robert headed to the shower.  Me still laughing uncontrollably.

And now at the current moment Robert is changing him and said, "When did you have oatmeal?"  Nice.

But who could resist these chubby cheeks?

And this week we were spending good quality time working on our feeding methods---trying to transition off of the finger feeding method.  I'm pretty sure if he could talk, he was thinking, "Just give me the finger."

Love it.  Love him.  Love my little family.


Sara Beth Stout said...

Ruthie and Matt were having daddy/daughter time a few weeks ago and the same thing happened. Ruthie got Matt's shirt very wet! Also, the other day right before taking professional pictures, Ruthie definitely spit up all over Matt and herself. These are just the things that happen! Welcome to parenthood. And keep laughing b/c it makes it much better! I love you!

Amelia said...

hahahahhahahaha. oh how wonderful your stories will be on your blog.