Wednesday, March 23, 2011

St. Patrick's Day!

I realize St. Pat's day was a week ago...
and we didn't celebrate with the Savannah/Smith traditions
(green grits, corn beef and cabbage,
kids out of school, a big parade, etc.)
but we did all dress in green and have a big day!

I love this picture.  He loves his daddy!

Daddy had a job interview that morning, 
so he was looking spiffy! 

Katie and Ava came to visit us and brought
us a yummy dinner!
I'm looking forward to Ava and Jude becoming 
great friends!

I had a follow up appointment with my doctor
and we got a picture of little Jude 
with the amazing doctor that brought him 
into this world.
We are very, very grateful for Dr. Bardwell.
We had a great experience being pregnant
and during delivery 
thanks to him!

And here's our McCutie!

The BFF, Heather drove up to spend some time with
us!  So glad she was able to come and love on our
little man.  Can't wait for River and Jude to meet!

McMom spent the afternoon teaching 
Heather and I how to make homemade
chicken and dumplings.
I know our husbands are grateful!

Lovin on my little man!

This is Maddie's

I love Spring!
I love that our little man came during Spring!
I love the cherry blossom tree in our front yard.

Yay for Spring!
Yay for St. Patrick's Day!


Amelia said...

As long as you all wore some green :)
ps: i just caught up on your blog while in my genocide class. Thanks for making me tear up in the middle of class.

Amelia said...

ps: you've got to update your header title picture :) I would pay to see ya'll try to get ya'll holding lil guy, maddie, and abigail.