Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Truly Blessed

We have been blessed more than we could have ever 

Lots of friends and family have come to love
on our little man
and we've loved every moment of it.

We've also been incredibly blessed by
our RiverStone family as we have
been overwhelmingly taken care of.
I haven't cooked a meal since our little man was born
and there aren't words to describe how 
grateful we are for this community
the Lord has allowed us to be
apart of.

Here are a few pictures of our visitors that we've had
in our home over the past couple of weeks.
Unfortunately we didn't capture pictures
with everyone that came by to visit 
or bring a meal, but here's a few to capture the love!

Kylie-who is one of my beloved triplets
from Richmond Hill-stopped by.  
The beloved trio were in middle school when
I met them--now they are in 
their 2nd year of college...and I have a child.
How did that happen?

The Kireta Family!

Robert "presenting" Jude
to his siblings that came up for the day.

 Our Amelia and Kayla!

This picture just makes me laugh!

Kayla and Ryan

Our Katie---we missed their wedding due to the
arrival of our little man--but they came right
over once they returned from their honeymoon
to meet the newest McLendon.
So grateful Katie put up with me being pregnant almost
the whole time she lived with us!

And her new husband--Jordan!

The Shelton's came up from Perry to visit!
Jadie and Jude

Robert and his cousin Chad are 12 hours apart...
now they have sons, 8 weeks apart.

Stryder and Jude

Kimbo came to visit!

Heather drove up from RH to meet our little man!

So grateful my cousin Joy got to meet our little one.
Her family is here in Georgia for the year while her husband
serves in Iraq.  I'm been grateful for the little 
time we have gotten to spend with one another.

Joy with her little girl Ellie, and Jude

My Grace Ann

Finally got a picture with the Halletts.
They came by in the hospital, but we somehow missed
a photo opt.
Here's Cory with his little girl, Anna Claire

The Hallett Family--
we love the Hallett's and are very
grateful for them!

My sweet friend Kelli.  She also
came to see us in the hospital and we failed to 
get a picture.  Here's her loving on little Jude.
I sure am going to miss her when she moves
this summer!

Thank you to everyone that has come to love
on us.  Really, there aren't words big enough
to say thank you.
Thank you for loving us and sharing in
this special time in our lives!

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