Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Weekend

We had a beautiful Easter weekend visiting with lots of friends,
taking our little Jude to church for the first time,
and worshipping our RISEN Lord and Savior!

Here's a few pics to recap our weekend!

Little Man and the Easter Bunny!

We met up with the beloved Sheehan's in Atlantic Station
where we got our picture taken with the Easter Bunny!

 Love this picture!  And Timothy!  So dear to my heart!

The Sheehans are like family to us
and we are grateful for them and love
them oh so very much!

Next up was Lawrenceville for Jude to meet Miss Ashley
(and us to meet Charlie :)
The Walkers were in town which meant Jason and River
got to meet Jude too!

River meeting Jude for the first time:

River sharing his blanket with Jude
(which we gave River for his first birthday).
It was in this moment that we discovered Jude
likes to cuddle.  Upon returning home we gave him
his owl lovie that we had been waiting to give him and
he loves it.  He's been cuddling with it all week!

Our Little Hoot:

Daddy and Jude:

I think it's bedtime:

The "Mantel" Picture:

Easter Sunday
Getting ready to take Jude to church for the first time!

He's ready to go
(and wearing shoes for the very first time!)

Easter Family Picture!

We went out for Easter lunch at one of our favorite 
restaurants with Amelia and Stephanie

Later that afternoon we decided to pull out Jude's 
Bumbo...and he did great!
Looks like he's a big boy and ready for the office!

 Sunday was such a beautiful day...
Daddy went to play volleyball,
so we went to watch!

Easter evening we dyed Easter eggs together as 
a family!

Jude was thrilled!

It was a beautiful weekend.  
I'm loving my little family of three!

**For Jude's Easter pictures,  click here**

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