Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jude Robert, You Are Five Weeks Old

**Our little man likes to kick--
sorry for the missing blocks!**

My Little Man 
You are already
Five Weeks Old!

This week was full
of smiles--
I've started calling you 
my smiley baby.

 This week was also the week 
that we saw that lower lip 
poke out.
You're upset when you stick it out
but we think it's the cutest thing
we ever did see.

 You're starting to talk...
well making noises that aren't 
just screaming.

We had our first experience
with projectile poop 
this week...
we've learned that Daddy has
quicker reflexes than Mommy.

You are on an every three hour
but you take one hour to eat,
then it's 2 hours of sleep...
and repeat.

You did however sleep for 4
straight hours last night...
and made your Mommy oh so happy!

Your feeding is finally going well--
other than the taking an hour to eat...
we're going to have to work on that before
Mommy returns to work...
which means a real schedule is 
coming soon!

 And we'll also have to introduce
you to the bottle soon--
but I'm trying to hold off on 
that for as long as I can.

We introduced you to a bed time
this week....I think it was
harder on your Daddy and I then
it was on you.
We missed having you to hang
out with when you went to bed before us!

We love you our Little One.
Thank you for being so cuddly and cute!

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