Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jude Robert, You Are Four Weeks Old

My Little Man,
You are already four weeks old!
How did that happen?

You continue to make your daddy and I 
laugh every day.

You are full of life...
and full of facial expressions...
to let us know how you really feel!

I think we have finally gotten a hang
of this whole feeding thing...

although you did have a 24 hour period
this week that I am convinced you were just
trying to see if your daddy and I would break.
(Within that 24 hours, you were taking 2 hours
to get a full feeding.  Not fun from 3-5am).

I think you are finally eating right
and gaining weight.
I forgot to mention last week
that while we were getting feeding help,
you were up to 7lbs., 6ozs.
We know you have to weigh more than
that this week!

I had one moment this week where you
were absolutely inconsolable and I finally
got you to settle down.  Made me 
feel that I might actually be
able to do this mom thing.

We didn't get out much this week 
since it was rainy and cold,
but that gave way for some good 
Mommy and Jude cuddle time.

We had many days this week
that I was just grateful one of us was
clean and out of our pj's...
and that would be you,
not your mommy!

You met your Great Grandparents 
(your Daddy's Grandparents)
this week
as your G-Nan brought Mimi and Dindi
up from Perry for the day.

We continue to fall more in love with you
with each new day...
and we're pretty sure you like us too!

We can't believe you'll
turn one month old this week....
and we'll have yet another photo shoot.
I know you are thrilled....
considering Mommy waited to
late in the day to take these photos...
(so the lighting wasn't great again--
and I forgot your owl!)

and most of the photos we took today looked
like this.....

Happy 4 weeks my little man!


Andrea said...

What wonderful photos! Love the little sense of humor with the howling little hoot at the end. I'm so happy for you & Robert. There is NOTHING like being a mom to a little boy. They love their mommies so differently. Just wait until the first time he picks you wildflowers or delivers a "gift" of something with more than 4 legs! ;)

ACupBearer said...

Love the pictures! Especially the last one!!!

Amelia said...

I LOVE THAT CHAIR! i don't remember having seen that before:) HE has sooo many expressions. I love it. Expressions are what reminds me that these little thingys that require so much attention and care are actually people with emotions, expressions, personality, character, and unhindered beauty. bahh.