Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jude Robert, You Are One Month Old

 Jude Robert,
that you changed our world forever!

What are you up to these days?

We think you weigh in around 8lbs.
This is us weighing Daddy with and without you
to get our guestimate!
Last official weigh in was almost 2 weeks ago
at 7lbs, 6ozs.

You are still wearing newborn size diapers.
We have your cloth diapers
all ready to go--but going to wait
just a few more weeks
till we dive in!

And still wearing newborn size clothes.
Today was the first clothing item that 
was 0-3 months that I put you in
and by looking at these
pictures--that onesie is swallowing you up!
Think we'll stick to newborn
for a little while longer!

 There's no real pattern to your sleeping
at the moment.
During the day you don't want to sleep
unless someone is holding you---good thing
mommy likes to cuddle.

During the night you were like clockwork
and waking up every 3 hours....
in the last week it's gone to 2.5 hours...

according to the "books" you
are most likely going through a growth
spurt right now which is making you
wake up and be hungry more frequently--
I love that you're growing--
but it makes Mommy very sleepy!

I love that tongue of yours!
You can curl it just like your Daddy
(Mommy doesn't have this gift!)

 You love to hold your head up 
as much as you can and look
from side to side.

You love to be swaddled--
yet love to stick one foot out just like your mommy...
and I think you have the cutest little toes ever!

Speaking of toes--we have the hardest time
keeping socks on your feet--which is why
on most days I have you in footed 
outfit thingys.  I know you'll
be grateful when the weather officially turns warm...
and stays warm!

We've discovered "sleep sacks" in the past
week and you think it's the best thing ever.
I think it's because you can still kick your little foot
out of your gown--yet still be all snuggly warm.

Your Daddy says I'm not allowed to call it
a "sleep sack" or "gown".  Especially around your friends.
Jammies is what I'm suppose to say...

And can I just say,
your yawns are oh so cute!

You aren't to sure of Mom making you
have a photo shoot once a week
and you're really not sure
about 2 in 1 week...

but eventually you realize
Mom's going to be Mom
and you give in.

And lay perfectly still as if you are saying,
"Can we hurry up please?"
(And yes you have the cutest facial expressions
ever!  I even love it when you furrow
your little brow.)

We've discovered that you love your car seat-
you will fall asleep the moment we put you in it
and usually don't wake back up till
we take you out of it.

Your Daddy said he saw your first
tears the other day.
Mommy hasn't seen them yet-
but know they'll be here in full
force soon enough!

You are a good, good baby.
We've had a few bumps in the road with
us trying to learn how to be parents...

but you've been so patient with us and oh so sweet.
God knew what He was doing when He 
gave us a cuddle bug...

He has answered all of our prayers--
you are a calm, good natured baby and
we are truly blessed...

Even though you did say hello on the
morning of your One Month Birthday
by projectile pooping on Mommy.
Mommy screamed--and I don't think
either of us have ever seen Daddy fly out of 
bed as quick as he did--
For some reason I think you get a kick out
of this and are laughing on the inside.

We love you our Little Hoot.

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Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh my goodness what a Blessing. He is so adorable. You have a great bloh. I am so glad that I found it.