Monday, April 25, 2011

Jude Robert, You Are Seven Weeks Old

 My precious baby, you are already 7 weeks old!
Time is flying by so fast!

Week Number Seven was a big one for you!
Lots of firsts!

You had your first road trip
which meant that you got to spend some 
good quality time with your grandparents.
And you got to meet your great-grandparents
which made this mama's heart content.
You also got to meet your cousin Aniston
and your Uncle Brett.
Don't worry there are lots of pictures 
of your special weekend 
coming soon to the blog!

We introduced the bottle to you during this week
and you did so good!!  I was so worried
since we didn't have the best track record
with feeding.  You weren't too sure when daddy
gave you your first bottle, but you caught on 
pretty quick!  And yet you still like for
mommy to feed you, so all is good!

You started sleeping in your own bed this week
(as opposed to the pack n play in our room).
We started out with small stretches and it's 
gradually increased to longer.

You've started having longer stretches of sleep at night.
Some have even been 6 and 7 hours long.
We just have to adjust our sleep schedule
so that we can partake in these long stretches of sleep!

You had a couple days this week where you thought
it was a good idea to eat every hour and a half.
You're growing like a little weed!

With week seven came my last week of maternity leave.
I want you to know my little bundle of joy
that I have enjoyed every moment of our
special time together.
Thankfully your Daddy is staying home
with you in the mornings
and then you are coming to work with me in
the afternoons.

But my little Jude,
thank you for the many long cuddly moments
you've given me over the past seven weeks.
I love you.

And for those that have wondered....
we still do have Abigail the cat :)
I know you were wondering since
she doesn't get highlight time here on the
blog anymore!

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