Friday, April 22, 2011

Jude Robert, You Are Six Weeks Old

We had to pack up quickly on Saturday and leave for
an unexpected road trip--so I was just able
to snap some 6 week shots as we were 
packing our bags (which means
they aren't the best pics).  
And here we are almost one week later
just now able to post them.

Jude Robert, 
during your 6th week you started smiling
more and more!

You surprised Mommy by rolling over.
Of course, she didn't have the camera 
and once she did, you didn't do it again.

That's okay.  It was such a huge surprise--
we didn't know you'd be doing things
like that so quickly!

During your 6th week you had a special visit
from your G-Nan and Geezer.
We even took you to your first festival
while they were here

During your 6th week we meditated

You are our miracle baby and we love
every ounce of you.


Kelli said...

He is toooo cute. :)

Amelia said...

he's definitely got the tan skin. ps: ginger thought it best that I inform you that she stalks your blog like no other and asked me why there was no week 6. =P
Can't wait to see your Mcfamily this weekend!