Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What a difference....

A year can make!

This past week was Spring Break for Cobb County and I couldn't help but reminisce where I was last year for Spring Break.

And although I was a tad bit jealous of everyones beach pictures and status updates on Facebook....

I wouldn't trade what I get to play with for anything:

And these two men....Love them!

We had a nice quiet week at home---learning how to be a little family of three without any help.  I think we're getting the hang of it!

Robert did some cooking....
 Yes that's a brisket---that he spent 6 hours cooking on the grill....

It was really, really yummy!

And I made the Pioneer Woman's Homemade Mac and Cheese to go with it!

Can I just say, I love her cookbook!  You should get it...or at least stalk her blog!

We spent time watching the little birdies in the nest on our porch:

Our new jogging stroller that we ordered came in....(Jude is too little for a "normal" jogger--this one matches his car seat and it snaps into the tray--amazing!)  And we spent time enjoying the weather and walking around the neighborhood. Gotta break it in and get it ready for Summer Camp!

Back in October, Robert and I started watching "Lost."  It was on instant watch on Netflix (best decision we ever made by the way---canceling cable and paying $8 a month for Netflix).  While Lost was actually on "normal" tv I refused to watch it or 24 knowing I would be addicted.  Then well I gave in when it was on Netflix.   Over Spring Break we watched the Final Episode.  I'm sad it's over....which makes me think that's sad I think that way!

We have a new Bible that we are calling the "Family Bible" and we spent time in the Word together.

We did something that we've been talking about doing for a long time.....we purchased these:

We each got one...and we're both totally addicted.  Probably not a good thing! (Words with Friends anyone? :)

The end of Spring Break was spent celebrating two amazing people, Kimberly and Donovan at I think one of the neatest showers I've ever been too....it was held in the Glory Haus Wearhouse!  

And I totally just stole this picture from Tuffy!  Thanks Tuffy.  This was the first time Jude met our RiverStone family (minus the staff that he met in the second week of his life) and it was so good to see everyone and celebrate a beautiful couple!

That's our Spring Break in a nut shell!  What did you do for Spring Break....or are doing....or are about to do?  We'd love to hear what you are up to!

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