Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jude Robert, You Are Eleven Weeks Old

 Jude Robert you are eleven weeks old!!!

And you are the cutest thing I ever did see!

There are so many pictures to share this week
 because your little personality is
just shinning through!

You are such a happy,
smiley baby!

You are so much fun and a joy to be around!

During your 11th week
you dropped your middle of the night feeding...
all on your own!

You've been sleeping 8-10 hours straight!

Your best night yet was
It was a marvelous night!

During your 11th week we switched you
from regular diapers to your

You look so cute in your cloth diapers!
You have the cutest little tooshie!

During this week due to your
choking episodes,
we brought you back into our room 
to sleep at night.

You still start each evening in your
own room, but when we 
go to bed we go in and scoop you up 
and bring you into our room.

You still love your owl lovie
(lovingly named Murphy).

You get quite concerned when Murphy
is missing (as in getting a bath
in the washing machine!)

You had your first big Youth Event
with our Summer Camp Kickoff/
End of the Year party!

You are dearly loved little one
and there is no lack of amazing
people that want to love on you!

We're eagerly anticipating
your first Summer Camp...
that will be here soon!

I packed up a good portion of your newborn
clothes during this week--anything
that was newborn size and hand
legs/footies...they got put away...

It took all I had to not ball while
packing up your tiny clothes!

You can still fit in some newborn onesies, but
for the most part you've moved on to 
0-3 and 3 month clothing.

You are growing like a little weed
and "filling out" as some call it.
I think you are well over 12 pounds now.

We picked up this "Beatles" onesie
right after you were born and have
been waiting for you to grow into it...
it's still a little big,
but I wanted to capture some pictures of you in it.

Not that your Mommy and Daddy
are huge Beatles fans....
but your name is Jude and
you get sung "Hey Jude" quite often!

And on that note incase you are wondering...
you are named after Jude in the Bible--
who is the half brother of Jesus.
Your Daddy and I love the book of Jude!

We love the verse Jude 1:25

 "To the only God, 

our Savior, 

through Jesus Christ our Lord, 

be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority,

before now and forever.


You gave me so many smiles

this week that I just had to share them all...

Thank you for being so sweet

and giving us lots of giggles!

I love you with all that I have my little 
smiley baby!

These have been a marvelous

first eleven weeks!!!!

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