Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jude Robert, You Are Nine Weeks Old

My Little Man!
You are Nine Weeks Old!

Your biggest accomplishment this 

and letting Mommy have multiple 
photo shoots of you...
You laughed and giggled
through both of them!

You've gotten more vocal this week....
and learning to use your words! :)

Your G-Nan came up for a
day to get some lovin
and let your mama get some
extra work done.
It was the longest you and I had been apart...
gonna take a little while to get use to that!

We had our first what I declared 
Friday/Mother/Son Day
It was delightful
and I will be looking forward to these 
with each new week!

We spent it cuddling in the morning,
then to a coffee shop,
then to the park to visit with friends,
then you and I spent good
quality time together for the
rest of the day just the two of us!
It was perfect!

You are a joy to be around my son

and we can't imagine our lives without you

I'm going to let the rest of this just be
your smiling little face!

and cute little tongue!  

We had you in an outfit
today that was a little too big
(but your other ones are just too tight!)
And you look so grown up 
in this picture!

And this makes me think,
"Who Me?"

Love you little one!

1 comment:

Amelia said...

TOOO CUTE! he has gotten so big! & that little belly. bahhh.
sorry we're in phone tag again :)
love you!