Monday, May 16, 2011

Jude Robert, You Are Ten Weeks Old

Jude Robert, You are TEN WEEKS OLD!!!
How did that happen?

You had quite the week for your tenth week!
I celebrated my first Mother's Day...
thanks to you!!!
Your Daddy was so sweet to me..
it was the perfect day!

You went for your Two Month Checkup and it was
quite the check up!
Last time we went to the doctor you
were back to your birth weight
of 6lbs, 9ozs.

At your two month check up you were
11 lbs, 12ozs
(the 50th percentile for weight)
and 23.5 inches long
(the 75th percentile for height)

We have prayed hard that you would have
your Daddy's height and so far
it looks like you might surpass me by 
the time you are say nine!

You have choking issues while eating
and they referred you to Scottish Rite.
We went on Friday and all checked out good!
We're so thankful and you had many people praying
healing over you little one!

We discovered two things this week
that make you really, really, scream bloody
murder mad....
cutting your finger nails
getting boogies out of your nose.
Not a pleasant experience for anyone!

We gave up on newborn diapers after
some rough explosions this week...
we moved up to size one and you still exploded.
Not fun.
(You had one explosion that took Daddy
longer to clean you up than it took
Mommy to fill out the paperwork at the hospital!!)

You had your second road trip and your
first trip to Perry this week.
We celebrated Mimi's 80th birthday
and you met the entire (50 in all) family 
in one fell swoop.

We discovered this week that you
fit quite nicely in the bathroom sink for bath time.
You love looking at yourself
in the mirror when we do this
and it's become so much fun for the whole family!

You are the sweetest thing we ever did see
and we are head over heels in love with you!

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ACupBearer said...

Head over heels with a backward flip in love!!!