Monday, May 30, 2011

Jude Robert, You Are Twelve Weeks Old

Jude Robert!!
You are Twelve Weeks Old!

And here we are at your final
weekly photo shoot!

I started out this adventure
wanting to document the first
12 weeks of your life....

and I feel like I blinked and it
has blown by!

You have grown leaps and bounds over
the past 12 weeks...
it has been beautiful to watch

We've watched your little personality emerge
and you've become your own little person.

Your smiles are contagious
and your giggles are priceless!

You are so full of joy that 
we can't wait to see the huge plans
God has for you unfold!

Your 12th week was a big one...

Your G-Nan came to take care of you so that
your mommy and daddy could 
work an all day Student Ministry Golf Tournament.
You had the best time with her...
and you even came out to the golf course for a visit!

You traveled for a nice long weekend and got
to finally meet your Savannah family.
We had a huge get together and
you got lots of loving!

The next day you got to meet 
your Richmond Hill friends
and you loved all the attention!

You went swimming for the first time...
and you loved it!!!

I think you are really going to enjoy 
hanging out in Nana and Granddaddy's
back yard for many years to come!

You tried lots of new toys this week...
from a johnny jump up...
to an exersaucer!

As for sleeping in your 12th week, you
had a night or two that you woke up
during the night, but for the most
part you kept on with
your 8-10 hour stretches at night.
You are a champ!!!

You play hard during the day
and love to go night night when the time comes.
I love how you look at me as if you
are saying thank you when I put you down
in the evenings.

You travel so well....
I in no way want to take that for granted!!!

My little man it has been pure joy
documenting the first 12 weeks of your life...
don't worry this is not the end of your photo shoots...
instead of doing weekly...we'll just move on to only
doing monthly...I know...this is how you feel about it....

You are perfect in every way!!!!

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Amelia said...

i think the last picture is my favorite this week! I've enjoyed being able to watch him grow on your blog! I can't wait to introduce him to tuesdays this summer. :)