Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jude Robert, You Are Two Months Old

My precious bundle of joy...
You are Two Months Old Now!

What an incredible month it's been!
We have watched you grow so much
and seen your sweet, good natured 
personality come shining through!

You are in between diaper sizes right now...
Newborns are a little too small,
Size ones are we keep 
flipping back and forth between the two.
We've decided you are on your last pack of newborns
and once those are are going into
your cloth diapers!

You are also in between clothing sizes.
You can still wear newborn onesies, but any
newborn clothing with legs are too short for you,
especially since you like to stretch out those 
long legs of yours!

You've set a bedtime for yourself
over the past month.  
You are ready to go down between 8 and 8:30
and you fall asleep hard!  
We try to wake you up for a late night feeding,
but you won't have it, you're so sound asleep!
On most nights, you go down around 8,
you end up sleeping till about 2 or 3,
feed and then go right back down
till between 6 or 7.
Every so often you'll sleep the night through.
You are such a good baby!

You are on a eat every 3 to 3.5 hours
with the exception of night when you go between 
6 and 7 hours.

You are one very, very determined little boy.
You love to hold your head up on your own--
and do not want our help!

You've already rolled over a couple of times
and you are already scooting.  
You're doing things so quickly,
I'm scared I am going to blink and you
are going to be crawling.

Along with your bedtime,
you are starting to get into an afternoon nap
routine.  You take a nap in the RiverStone nursery
about 2:00 each afternoon
(and I have a monitor in my office,
so that I can hear you in there!)

You love bath time!!!  We were
alternating some morning and some
evening baths, but I think we've
settled into an evening bath
to give us just a sweet and cuddly
bed time routine.
Story time follows bath time 
and then you go right down...
in your own room (I personally
think you LOVE your room...the
Holy Spirit is present and you
respond to His sweet Spirit).

You had your first road trip during 
your second month.  Mommy wasn't quite ready 
as it was unexpected, but you did great!!!
You travel so well and it makes this mama proud!
You loved meeting your family and you are looking
forward to the next few weeks
when you'll meet the extended family
on both sides!

After our road trip,
we introduced the bottle to you.
You take it quite well
and yet can come right back to your Mommy.
Which is perfect since Mommy returned to work 
during your second month.
Your Daddy keeps you in the morning 
and you come to the office with your
Mommy in the afternoons.
We couldn't be more blessed with
this opportunity to have you with us at all times!

You LOVE to cuddle!!
You love to cuddle with us...
and during month number two 
you fell in love with Murphy,
your owl.  Cutest thing I ever did see!!!

You smile all the time and I call you my 
"Smiley Baby."  You are such a happy,
calm, good natured baby. 
 Exactly what we 
prayed for!

You are getting so so big!  
You go for your two month check up 
on Monday and we can't wait to see how
big you've gotten.  
You're a long baby---
praying you have your Daddy's height!
Speaking of Daddy...
Your eyes are still baby blue..
I'm hoping they stay that way like
your Daddy's!

We love you baby boy.  
You have taught us so much
and the Lord is using you mightily
in our lives to show us even more
so who He is.
Thank you for loving us the way that you do!

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