Friday, May 27, 2011


In case you've noticed, I haven't exactly figured out how to be a full time working mommy, wife, blogger, crafter and good house keeper. I'm doing good to get on average one post a week .... So while the blog may have suffered ... He's so worth it.

Just look at that smile. Who wouldn't eat him up??

Thank you for being patient and loyal readers while I try to figure out this new beautiful life that I have. Life itself has thrown us a few curve balls here lately...we went two weeks being a single car family, one week without a refrigerator. Little man got referred to Scottish Rite--and praise the Lord all came back normal but not before this mama went on an emotional roller coaster. We've had some mix ups with our insurance company--thankfully they owe us money instead of the other way around, but I'll never get the hours back that I've spent on the phone. Then this week my breast pump went out (is that tmi? Sorry just being real as it was quite traumatic for me.)

Through it all I've seen my God provide and sustain us. It's made this little family of three stronger. It's made us hold hands and pray a little longer. It's taught us to laugh a little more. It's made me want to hold onto my Beloved Jesus just a little longer. I'm thankful for His faithfulness. I'm thankful that all the things listed above are trivial and what matters is we have each other!

So how do I have time to blog now you may ask? Well we are on a 4.5 hour road trip and I finally figured out how to blog from my here I am. Sitting in the backseat because with the car seat our beloved Bassett Hound is too long to fit in the back....which is hilarious. Not so hilarious when she started throwing up in the front seat and there was nothing I could do to help my husband who was driving...and it was pouring down rain. Yes that just happened. Ah. Life. Really all you can do is laugh. Especially since I spent more time today than probably ever cleaning my car inside and out. Rain + throw up = no longer a clean car. Oh well. It was nice the few hours it lasted.

Down the road we continue to go. So grateful for a holiday weekend and Jude finally gets to meet my family and friends. And to celebrate this holiday weekend I've put my shop on sale!! Remember that little shop I have? It hasn't seen much activity--okay none since Jude was born. But Hubs and I have been scheming behind the scenes and big things are coming. I'm so thankful for a husband who supports me and believes in me! To celebrate the holiday weekend and make room for what's coming I have a coupon code for you! When checking out, enter the code: HOLIDAY40 to receive 40% off each item! I've never done more than 20% off so I'm quite excited about this!

Okay, I should go but I so loved checking in and sharing life with you. Leave us a note and say hello. Let us know what you are up to this Memorial Day Weekend. Let's share life together shall we?

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Sara Beth Stout said...

Ruthie and Jude have matching froggy towels! Oh, i can't wait to meet him in person!

Angelica said...

hey Kristin, Jude is so precious, but he needs to stop growing so fast!! i can't wait to meet the little cherub in 3 weeks :) <3 you xxxxxx