Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jude Robert, You Are Three Months Old

My precious one...
You are Three Months Old!

What a joy you are to us and your
third month did not disappoint!

We switched you from disposable 
to cloth diapers during this month...
and we love them!
You look so cute in them!
No more being in between sizes and
your explosions have decreased 

You moved into 0-3 and 3 month size clothing
and can even fit your way into a few 3-6
month clothes!
(And I love how you are cuddling your owl above)

You work like clock work.
You wake up each morning around 5,
eat, then go back to sleep till around 9.
You take a morning nap, an afternoon nap
while eating every 3 hours.

Then about 7:30pm you start rubbing your
sleepy little eyes...
so we go up, give you a bath,
read a bedtime story, say our prayers
and you are out by 8pm...
You dropped your middle of the night feeding
all by yourself this month and you
don't wake up again till around 5am.

The Lord has answered our prayers
by giving us such a good sleeper,
so calm and good natured.

You've had a few rough afternoons here
lately that I even think you're having some 
early signs of teething as you
are not yourself...and the drooling has begun!

Just this week it was said in the office that
this was the first time they have heard you
cry...way to make it three months buddy!

We joked in the office that you skipped
a month somewhere.
You are so alert and interested in everything.

You are one wide eyed baby...
not to mention so incredibly smiley!

You have a morning routine with your daddy...

And I love our evening routine
that you and I have going!
You still LOVE bath time!

Month number three consisted of a couple
of road trips to finally meet the family!

To Perry we went and you met the entire
family all at once at Mimi's 80th 
birthday party!

Then to Richmond Hill we went for Memorial Day met the fam for a get together on
Saturday, then a "Meet Jude" party on 
Sunday for our friends!

You still nurse well...and take the bottle well on most 
accounts.  You still have a few choking issues while eating
and following your 2 month check up
we went to Scottish Rite...
but you are all good to go.  Just have to grow out
of this phase!

You are getting so big!  You weighed in at 11lbs, 12ozs 
at your 2 month appointment.
I weighed you as you turned 3 months old...
and you are at a whopping 14 pounds!!!

Your eyes are still mainly blue with
a little color change around the pupil...
wondering if they are going to stay
blue like your Daddy's
or turn hazel like your Mommy's!

You went swimming for the first time during
your 3rd month....and you LOVED it!
Don't know if it falls into the same category
as your love for bath time, but whatever it is, it was
so much fun (and thank you Grandaddy for 
heating the pool for me so it felt like bath water!)

You are quite partial to your Mommy...
you love your Daddy and you're
pretty good going to others.  Every once
in awhile the only person you want is your 
Mommy and to be honest...
I'm okay with that. :)

You are still in love with your Murphy (the owl).
I think he's here to stay.
We had to get you Murphy #2 as Murphy #1
was having too many emergency baths!

You love to smile, stick out your tongue, coo
and cuddle!

You discovered your hands and started sucking
them on a way that didn't mean you were hungry...
you just wanted to suck your hand...your whole hand. 
It's too cute!

We love you so, so much and it's 
hard now to imagine our lives without you.

I can't believe you are already 3 months old
as it feels like just yesterday we were eagerly anticipating
your arrival! 

Thank you for bringing us great joy...

and happy three months baby boy!

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