Friday, July 22, 2011


I'm linking up with Jeannett for the first time today for InstaFriday!  Such a marvelous idea of sharing each Friday the pics I've taken during the week with my cell!  How fun!  Here goes!

**I use the Instagram app for some, others are just plain ole, plain ole**

This is our new toy--Oliver the Octopus (naturally)
We took Oliver and Murphy on a road trip to Perry
for the weekend!

Sporting our new airplane bib!
Aren't I cute?

Maddie came along for the road trip too...
she went to bed early!

The Men...
Four Generations Strong.

The boys--12 hours apart--
with their sons 8 weeks apart.

Sporting our Owl/Jude bib.
Bibs are crucial these days
with the buckets of drool
that are coming forth!

Just hanging out.  There's Oliver again.

Got a new calendar...since I roll on the
school calendar.  LOVE a fresh, blank, new calendar..
anyone else feel this way?

Tuesdays.  We love Tuesdays.
Amelia and I hung out in Richmond Hill
every Tuesday for 3 years.  Now that she's
in Marietta for the summer we continue
the tradition.  Jude calls her Aunt Mia.

Parenting at it's finest.
Really...this takes talent!
(And that's a high chair my baby is sitting up in!)

These came across the cell phone this week..
so had to share.  Isn't my niece just the cutest!

Yep!  All out cute!

Playing with Daddy's childhood/
homemade sock monkey!

Jude and Anna Claire are best buds!!
They hung out together at Youth Night at Yogli Mogli 
this week!

Join us!  Link up with Jeannett Now!

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