Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Day in My Life...On the Lake!

Today I'm linking up with Gussy over on Gussy Sews for her Weekly Inspiration Workshop.
This week's prompt is a "Day in My Life"

I chose to highlight my Wednesday this week because it was such a fun day
 and Youth Ministry at it's finest!

My day started beautifully when my husband brought me breakfast in bed....
my two favorites...
a chick-fil-a biscuit (with honey--that he grabbed out the pantry)
and decaf coffee from dunkin donuts (toasted almond flavoring with cream).
Yes, he went to two different places to bless his wife.  Bless him.
It was such a nice surprise!
Next up was heading out to the Lake for our end of the summer,
day at the lake!
The Lake + 30 pizzas + hottest day of the year
fun had by all!!

Just one crew coming off one of the boats!

Grace and I found refuge in the hammock.  I fell asleep on her
shoulder at one point.  It was awesome.
{Please ignore how white and pasty my legs are!}

Grace Ann has been our Summer Intern the past 3 summers
and she's growing up on us!  She heads back to school soon
then she is getting married next summer, so our
day at the lake was her official last day.
{Insert tears here}

Some more pictures of the kids on the boats!

Our evening was spent having dinner with Grace Ann and her
fiance' Tyler (and I completely forgot to take a picture!  oops!)
But I did grab a picture of this little guy as I was getting him ready for bed...
Bedtime is our special time together and I love it!

There's my day for you. 
I love what the Lord has called me to!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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Pure Images said...

You have the best husband ever. 2 places! Lucky girl! Thanks for sharing!

(From gussy)